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Comae Stardust Platform Pricing

Comae Stardust is charged based on the memory image size, not based on a subscription service or device. This customer friendly pricing allows you to pay as you go and not in advance of demand.

Comae Stardust is offered in two tiers: free and paid. The free tier has access to the memory incident response toolkit. The paid tier has access to the analysis features, either as a pay-as-you-go or as a subscription model.


For a taste of Comae


always free

Get access to the most popular memory acquisition tool within few minutes!

  •   Dashboard
  •   Access to DumpIt for Windows
  •   Evaluation or Educational use only


For individuals



consumption based

This customer friendly pricing is charged based on the amount of data processed and number of users. Internal usage only.

  •   Dashboard
  •   Access to DumpIt for Windows (x86, x64, ARM64
  •   Upload images to Comae Stardust
  •   Report Generation


From mid-size to large teams.



Services providers or large companies, with high requirements, that prefer a pre-allocated annual consumption plan with volume discount. Custom features requirements.

  •   Dashboard
  •   Access to DumpIt for Windows (x86, x64, ARM64)
  •   Access to DumpIt for Linux
  •   Third Party Integrations
  •   Redistributable License
  •   OEM Agreement
  •   Multiple users
  •   Queries
  •   API access
  •   Premium support
  •   On-premise pre-processing
  •   Threat intelligence integration (Virustotal, ThreatGrid)
  •   Custom data hosting
  •   Volume discounts

Stardust Pay-As-You-Go Calculator

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Included for all Comae customers and partners