Matt Suiche

msuiche msuiche Matt Suiche is the founder & CEO of Comae Technologies. Prior to founding Comae, he was the co-founder & Chief Scientist of the application virtualization start-up CloudVolumes which was acquired by VMware in 2014.

His also previous employers include the Netherlands Forensics Institute and Airbus. Matt has also been a frequent speaker at various computer security conferences such as Black Hat Briefings, Microsoft Blue Hat Hacker Conference, Hackito Ergo Sum, Europol High Tech Crime Experts Meeting, CanSecWest, PacSec, SyScan and Shakacon.

Advisory Board

Joshua Pennell

jpennell As IOActive’s Founder and Chairman of the Board, Joshua Pennell has a proven, 19-year track record of creating and growing a multimillion-dollar, independent security services organization. Under Josh’s leadership, IOActive has emerged as one of the world’s leading technical security consultancies based on cutting-edge research and meritocratic governance.

Thomas Dullien

tdullien halvarflake Founded zynamics, a security analytics and software analysis firm. Won the German IT-Security award 2006 for his malware analytics research. Grew and led zynamics until it was acquired by Google in 2011. Led a team that built global-scale malware analytics systems at Google. Won a Lifetime Achievement Pwnie (Information Security Award) 2015. 20 years experience in software analysis and low-level security research. Experience as part of Google Project Zero - the security research team responsible for low-level vulnerabilities such as RowHammer and Spectre. Work on extremely efficient nearest-neighbor search implementations.

The Grugq

grugw thegrugq grugq has been analyzing and authoring content about applied security, cyber, operational, and otherwise for around 25 years. His writings range from in-depth papers on forensics and anti-forensics, to detailed analysis of events that skirt both international espionage and cyber security. grugq has been cited in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Wired (magazine), and Vice (magazine) as well as referenced at security conferences. grugq has grown a large following online and as of April 2019 had over 102k followers on Twitter and over 30k followers on Medium.